somebody i used to know…

January 12, 2007

is having major surgery tomorrow. 

if you’re the praying type say a prayer for her.


in other news, i’m starting to feel better. 

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hate them.

strep throat in the winter, migranes in the spring and fall. 


but, despite all that, i completely kicked ass in the staff meeting today.  i mean -ROCKED- ass.

i knew my entire presentation from memory, fielding all questions without referring to my notes, (and had an a competent answer for all questions), and –inbetween blowing my nose and coughing– had acurate counterpoints for the usual b.s. 

and yes, i do really have a beard.

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and for over-emphasis, i absolutely feel like rolled up dog shit.

after recent discussions with my friend jessi Image Hosted by i’ve decided that the above is true.  which, categorically speaking, i’ve always know this to be true–when i was 14 my mom told me that most women are bitches or whores, and the best ones are both. 

 chalk that up as one of the causes for everything that’s wrong with me.

there are no events precluding me to this assertion, but rather i’m just reflecting on previous email discussion.

 this is what i do when i’m drunk.

chad, he commits weird sex acts with tony pierce‘s socks.

i think too much.

so, chad‘s original and i’m not.

that’s probably why his blog is so popular and mine isn’t.


oh yeah, and, i saw the  ex’s parents and kid brother tonight and remembered how much i miss them and love them.  this past year has literally been like i’ve been absent of my family.  cause that’s what i considered them.  that might be why i’m drunk right now.

and that, will probably be the most personal thing i ever post.  [and yes, that was said for your benefit.  GMO.]


dude; incubus‘ new song ‘dig’ is so fucking on it i can’t talk about it.  i’ve heard it 37 times in a row now.  can’t get enough.


chuck palahnuik has a new book coming out in early ’07.  i’m stoked [notice my use of the word “stoked.”]

yeah, it has been a while.

October 11, 2006

nothing new to report, just consumed as usual.  i literally study all of the time i’m not at work or school.  BUT, i have been drinking lots of wine while studying, so don’t worry about me too much.  i am, however, extremely jealous of simo though… how great would Spain be right now?

– after a brief read of blogland-

 chad’s trying to act like it’s unusual for call girls to show up at his door.  whatever “ken”.

i prefer susan as a blonde, and i’m not the least bit surprized that she loves the latest offering from justin timberfake.

grace is all about some hollywood and hockey; some things never change.

pitt: more hockey, and a trip to an apple farm.

emo mike displays more of his left-of-center sense of humor.

Foxxy isn’t showing any cleavage.

grimshaker ironically also has an odd sense of humor.

my kid brother is feeling poetic.

LECK, like ben, is really looking forward to the playstation 3.

sabrina_c drinks more than ciavarro and myself combined.  sweet fuck all, that scares the shit outta me.

smelly made pillows and mourns a truck.

RR has insomnia and sex on the brain.

the outlaw diggs petting zoo’s, apple farms, and celeb’s lives.  i seriously think half of K-fed’s press comes from the outlaw.

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i must tell you–I–have become quite the hermit crab.  i mean, it’s no secret, i don’t go out much and prefer small groups to crowds, and in all actuality become more introverted by the day, but this gives me pause…

apparently, my phone service has been turned off for the last 6 hours.  i didn’t even notice.

if you call my phone right now, you get “the Sprint customer you are trying to reach is currently a bunk bitch whose broke ass didn’t pay his bill.  if he’d keep his shit straight, this might not of happened.”

that’s a little embarrassing, but really i guess i’m more concerned with the fact that i just didn’t notice.  granted, i was in class and on the bike most of the day, but outside of work, do i really not talk to anyone?

looking over my call log, not including work calls [wonder how many of those i missed] or calls from my dad, i consistantly talk to 4 people–my buddy matt that i workout with, ben, ruth, and brook [chuck]…

so, at the most, i missed four phone calls.  that’s not so bad… i guess; maybe.

i just keep thinking that this would be the one night that kate beckinsale decides to call……

having insomnia and having to be at work at 6:30am everyday aren’t two things that couple well.  having said that, i’m still not ready to go to sleep.


i start school again in a few hours, 8:00am french class, and i’m wondering what it will take to get simo to do my homework for me…


my kid brother started college a week ago.  that makes me feel old.

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because of a previous agreement with the aforementioned little brother, i’m not going to arizona in september.

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still wish i was though.