nolan james kellar.

November 10, 2006

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some of you might know him as “josh tillont.”

you see, nolan here isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, he’s a few chicken nuggets short of a happy meal, etc…

he thinks that just because he uses a fake name, he can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants and there’s no consequince…

apparently he’s never heard of IP addresses and google searches.  well nolan i have, and here’s what i found out about you:

you were born on august 16th, 1977. 

you live in Greenbrier, AR. 

your parents names are Johnny and Dianna.  they’re 58 and 56. 

your wife’s name is Jennifer Gwyn.  she’s 24. 

you have two kids, Dillon and Sara.

Also, this is you, right?

Nolan Kellar K&K Collectibles PO BOX 1126 GREENBRIER, AR 72058 United States [US] Phone: 5014728955

(i like how your email is “no lank”…seems fitting.)

but you don’t work for heritage anymore, do you? i checked.
i did find out, however,  that K&K collectibles is ran by you and your dad, Johnny, from his house. but i won’t post Johnny’s address on here.

in closing, you should be clear on a few things:

  1. i’m not sure how it is you know me, or honestly where any of this is coming from, but nolan make it a point that i never hear from you again.  if you ever threaten or make false, damaging claims about me or anyone else, be certain that a swift, acurate response is then yours.
  2. if this is some kinda hobby for you, you need to get a lot better at it.  your information was extremely easy to come by… none of the above falls under privacy act laws.  it’s all public record.  also, try to pick someone you’re smarter than.  i’m not the smartest guy you could’ve chosen; as a matter of fact, i’m sure these two guys could have done a much better job at roasting your ass, but you clearly weren’t even ready for me.
  3. grow-the-fuck-up.  you’ve got a wife and kids.  young kids.  they need their dad; it’s bad enough they have an ugly moron for a father, they don’t need him pissing off the wrong people and ending up in jail with his ass freshly kicked.
  4. and for clarity, nolan, be sure to fuck off completely. do you not realize what PJ and i do for a living? are you really this fucking stupid? i’ve got you for harrassment and threatning my personal property… all of your comments have the same IP; the same IP that traces right back to you. you do realize that because of the circumstances surrounding our jobs, you’d get Federal time not state… right? did you think of that nolan?

oh, and thanks for the 1,000 plus hits i’ve gotten from all this shit over the last two days.