so yeah, guess what it did today?…

it snowed.  i was sweating while it was 70 degrees and sunny yesterday, but today it snowed.  unreal.

here's a couple of random observations from my trip thus far:

– prostitutes have the saddest faces you've ever seen.

– the movies 'the weather man' 'elizabethtown' and 'kiss kiss bang bang' aren't that bad.  especially 'elizabethtown'…it was so much better than i thought it was gonna be.  i watched them all on my 16 hour plane ride, so maybe i was just half asleep, but, i remember them fondly.  a 'history of violence' did suck tho…

– everything is truly lost in translation.  love, humor, wit,…everything but the "F" word.  that one is pretty much universal.

– right now, as i type this post, someone in the next room is singing 'the final countdown' at the karaoke bar in the next room.

– as the years pass, something i'm discovering about myself is that i really don't mind being away anymore.  in all honesty, i miss the solitude of my one bedroom apartment, my cat, and my jeep and motorcycle.  i miss having my own bathroom. 

i would say i miss my friends but really sometimes you need a break from everybody.  i would say i miss the ex, but lately i always get the impression she's lying to me, and that's not a feeling i'm often wrong about.  despite everything tho, she's having surgery tommorrow, and i really wish i could be there for her.  so, if you're the praying type, say one for her.   

"…we all want our lives to be 'easy', but 'easy's' not something that enters into adult life." 

on the bus ride after the airport, we had to ride this ‘greyhound’ style bus to our ultimate destination.  during this 5 hour ride, i mostly slept, but because of the efforts of the bus driver who put in this terrible, subtitled movie and spoke little english and didn’t understand what “turn it down” or “too loud” meant.

the highlights of the this movie include a fight scene where this guy jumps above 8 feet in the air and kicks out a street light, and while he getting his ass kicked by a girl, he gets pissed and grabs her baby elephant with both hands by the tail, windmill’s it, and slings it out the window.

this has since become something we say to each other, especially after drinking, instead of the regular, run-of-the-mill “kick your ass” boast.

i’m blogging about it because it’s been overused and this is an attempt to kill it — i hope i never hear it again; so let this be its final resting place.

also, rotten cabbage sucks.   

from the east…

March 22, 2006

hello all;

just checking in, don’t have much time…

do have some hilarious stories already, will tell at a later date.

also taking lots of pictures.

feeling so at home…

March 15, 2006

yesterday was a difficult day and today will be another one.

my difficulties being trivial and expressly work related, it’s ironic that i’ve been at work now for 30 minutes and haven’t done anything but avoid work.

i’m sure we’ve all these days…

lots of things pressing, but preoccupied with something else.  “preoccupied” is a curious expression; i think i’m more “presently occupied”.  

i have to be at the airport early sunday morning.  really early.  like, so early, i’m quite certain ciavarro won’t be done drinking yet, regardless of time zone difference.  


first things first…[never understood that expression], i’m at work right now and can’t post any leg wrestling pictures.  but i will, when i get home.

but now, here’s what’s currently on my mind.

i mentioned previously that i’m taking a trip [business] soon and there will be a blogging backout period.  i’m sort of just spending most of my time gearing up for that.

although, i have been watching a great deal of college basketball [go hogs] so, by default, i’ve been spending too much time in bars lately. 

this idea rings especially true when i look in the mirror or drink orange juice…

i was breaking up a fight a couple nights ago and after pulling this guy who was about 6 inches taller than me all the way outside, his little mexican friend who was about the size of emo mike and ben hits me with an ashtray right on the lip. 

sucks.  i’m still really, really mad about it.

and, to add injury to even more insulting injury, somewhere in the struggle, ben elbows me in the head.  plus, i got that guy “jose”‘s blood on one of my favorite shirts.

more later…


monday, march 06, 2006

March 6, 2006

after drill yesterday, i had a few beers with a buddy [Wade] and then he and i went to autozone and changed my oil and filters in the parking lot.  it took about ten minutes and eleven baby wipes [i got used to using them for everything during the war] to finish.  afterwards, i came home and fed the cat, and then laid down and didn’t get up again until 4:13 this morning. 

and, i think the only reason i woke up then was because i had been dreaming about shooting zombie’s and remembered thinking “this is really fucking strange” and then “i must be dreaming” and then woke up immediately.


in two weeks i’ll be gone for around two weeks and promise to take a lot of pictures.


on wednesday, it’s my kid brother’s birthday. please wish him well.


oh, and i was gonna do an astronomically big post on the aftermath of my birthday, and how i’d never heard of leg wrestling, but i’m not for a while.


reading from work: the known universe{}{}{}“like jeopardy but more idiotic and with less trebek”{}{}{}another matt good “yes” man 


still recovering…

March 2, 2006

…had a little too much birthday fun.

thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes;
unfortunately, i might have taken them too seriously.