but after a recent phone conversation, and overhearing a conversation in the hallway, i’ve forgotten this bit of wit and will now goto the gym and think of motorcycles and long motorcycle trips.


emo mike, be leary of a random podcast call soon.

you too ben.


December 28, 2005

i’ve absolutely encountered the most soul-less, evil thing thing ever. here it is.

in other news…

there are no new pictures in my email. this is both a good and a bad thing.

and i’m bringing peace and understanding to fashion island.

this is a terrible picture of me, but a great picture of the bike.

and also, this is the most rad thing ever.
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about who has the best beers, and which regions of North America are more prone to foster great beer taste.

so, once and for all, i will conduct an offical beer sampling.

email me for contest rules and submission guide lines.
november_fahrenheit@lycos.com .

mikevs.mike******the LECK blog lives******C.I.A.


December 19, 2005

the other day i was Christmas-ing in best buy with ben, just playing call of duty 2 for the new x-box 360, when strangely i was drawn to look over my shoulder.

i say “strangely” because there was no real tangible cause for me to look in this direction,

something “willed” me.

so, while i was slaying Nazi germans

[ironic if you buy into the Canadian concept that i’m the new Nazi, the Nazi 5.1, because of my service in Iraq.]

and virtually practicing my skills of “international murdering”

[because once again, that’s what i am, an internationally murdering Nazi]

there was a large plasma screen TV with

richard ashcroft
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the coldplayers

playing “bittersweet symphony”. this is simply my favorite song ever and
as far as things in my little world go, this is tops. this is almost as big as the verve getting back together, which, will probably never happen. damn that nick mccabe.

all of this was nearly enough for me to forget about that fucking guy ‘gunsforsale’ on matt’s site complaining that he’s “so sick of American war Vet’s being called hero’s when really they’re just international murderers” and then went on to compare us to Nazi’s…the whole thing just makes me sick. when you say “war hero” to me, i think of the dead. i think of the guys who never got married, never had kids, never rode a motorcycle, never had their 20th birthday and are being called Nazi’s.

so, here’s blanket statement for the whole world: if you actively compare the United States to Nazi Germany you’re the same as a suicide bomber…completely negative and self-deluded. you help nothing. you speculate borrowed ideas in attempt at punditry, which you think prognosticates truth, but you accomplish little more than spreading defeatism. you breed the same kind of hate that the bombers do.

in your mind, prison’s in eastern Europe where torture may or may not have happened, you imagine them to be concentration camps. i’ve seen the comments out there; in the same paragraph where you compare George Bush to Hitler for visiting Boy Scouts [which every American President has done since the 50’s] you make vague and acidic references to the prisoner of war camps as “American concentration camps”.

i’m sick of this shit. the Iraq war has it’s problems, they’re all right out in the open for everyone to see, and i’m not defending it. i fought in it and i’m telling you, in my best, most formulated, thought out opinion, our reasons for going weren’t valid. we should have never gone in without the rest of world backing us. BUT. you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. that kind of negativity doesn’t help anything. it doesn’t even make you look smart, or more informed than everyone else. it clearly defines you as part of the problem.

you can disagree with Bush and the war all you want to, i know i do, but the only way you can help is to be truly informed and quit buying into sensationalistic bullshit. that goes for both sides. if you want to help, quit watching so much reality TV and actually do some research. quit bandwagoning. get involved, write your elected officals.

do something besides bitching, pointing fingers, name-calling.

from the lou…

December 10, 2005

yep, helping the allbright move his stuff from st. louis to little rock this weekend. thus far, the driving hasn’t been bad, i’m just not looking forward to the drive back with a full load of ben’s crap. oh well, call it the joys of being ben’s only friend with a job and reliable transportation.

but, we’re staying with his mother (as we always do) and right now, she’s remodeling her bathroom, which contains the house’s one and only shower. thankfully, grandma lives down the road. so, come shower time, i hop in my jeep run down to grandma’s.

guess what grandma has in her shower?…

an illustrated guide to the self breast exam.

that’s right, posted right behind the shampoo, on the rack hanging from the shower nozzle, there’s a little pamphlet style cartoon lady feeling up both breasts, making small little circles around her nipples, lifting each breast for weight, checking for lumps…

it’s amazing to me how none of this was even the slightest bit sexual. it just couldn’t be; there were way too many constant reminders that i was in ben’s grandma’s shower… V05 silver, extra body, all the strange lufas, the weird shower mat, the 18 different curtains you had to pass through just to get in the shower; the odd feeling that potpouri was always in a 5 foot proximity…

as a matter of fact, i think i have to sum the whole thing up as a bad experience. i really can’t tell though, it just certainly wasn’t positive…

i guess the thing the i just dont’ want to talk about is, the inevitable mental picture of his grandma, standing right where i was, performing her own self breast exam. you really just couldn’t look at the picture without it eventually turning into his grandma…

now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go throw myself off a bridge.

on the upside, mike and chad now have masterbatory fodder for the next year.

and chuck no…whatever it is your thinking, the answer is no.


December 7, 2005

dude, it might snow today. we never get snow this early.

-brett [from middle california a.k.a. oregon south] call me.

ben, you still haven’t given me some very important paperwork.

ciavarro, keep your drinking skills sharp; cause when you face me, you’re gonna have to cash in a few miracles just to get an honorable mention here in the south.

pitt and the outlaw, congrats.

gracie, whatev. you’re mad at boys.

sunshine, when is your Q&A day?

leck, how ya been? haven’t spoken to you in a while.

steve smooth, ditto above.

gwen, yeah, i know–school sucks–just try to get through it.

susan natalie, why do you want to be an actress? vanity?

chuck, you’re one of the funniest people alive. i hope i’m never your enemy.

Apoc/mike, we should have a beer and talk about writing.

mikey[closet emo], you never did give me some info about Nintendo emulators, i’d really like to get a hold of one. also, start dating girls.

matt good, thanks for the music. beautiful midnight was one of about ten cd’s i had for the most part of the war. sort of like a “if-you-were-ever-stranded-on-a-desert-island” scenerio; i could only bring a limited amount of stuff.


December 5, 2005

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