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i intend on having this photo the rest of my life.

gee, who could this be?

November 8, 2006

“Brandon da faggott said:
November 8th, 2006 at 3:25 pm e

You are a dumb son of a bitch. Guess what?? It’s not like I don’t know where you live, what you drive, where you work… Even what you are thinking (I know it’s hard 4 u to think much, but i bet you get a thought or two). You are such a fucking loser, but i will say you are a perfect picture of a solider. Lazy, dumb, you got the “don’t ask don’t tell” going for you, and by reading your posts the only way you can get laid by a female is to get her drunk & RAPE her. Damn it’s a shame that some good soliders have lost their life in Iraq & you made it back, but hell maybe that little motorcycle ya got will take care of that… Well, talk to you later fuck face!!

Just wondering, is your dad a fag too? Didn’t know if it ran in the family or not?”

you know apparently, i really hurt this guy’s feelings.  and wow, didn’t he have a lot of things to say about me…

i wonder why this guy is so emotional?… (this would be one of my two thoughts for the day)

cause that’s what this is, this is an emotional outburst.  you know, one of those teenage girl moments when they’re first getting their period.

pardon my coy speculation, but is this guy menstruating?

i don’t mean to lend this guy any creditability by throwing insults back at him…

but, for the life of me

i can’t understand why if, you know where i live, where i work, what i drive etc… and we have business, why not come see me?  why not just show up one of these places?  if there’s truly a matter that needs resolution, why wouldn’t you just come see me directly?

cause that’s what a grown man would do.

but instead of any backbone or fortitude, you give me a fake name and a bunch of 8th grade insults.  if you really wanna know if my Dad’s a cocksucker,  Ha!…you fuckin’ go ask him if he is… i’m sure he’ll let you know. 

but really man, i can’t take any of this seriously.  this is petty, bitch shit.  if you wanted any real response outta me, you would have atleast called.  [ 2-4-7-0-9-9-9]. 

but feel free to make an ass of yourself on my blog as much as you want, cause this “drama” will absolutely get me a lot of hits.  hell, your little comment got me over a 150 hits just this morning!  no telling what this post is gonna do… 

and as far as any “beef” between us, i’m just gonna view this as truly an “emotional outburst,” like a 13yr old girl throwing a fit when her cell phone gets taken or gets grounded from watching the O.C. or something.  you say a bunch of “mean, nasty” things you don’t mean and then you storm upstairs and have a good cry. 

i’m hoping that when you sober up or get done sucking your thumb, you’ll realize the levity of the mistake you’ve made and be really ashamed of yourself.  either way, i’m not gonna hold any of this against you–everybody has a bad day, and i’m not gonna make yours any worse.