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January 27, 2006

in other news…

richard ashcroft has a new album out, and the preview reveals that there are a few choice selections to be had from it.

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also, these guys [liam] recently performed “the drugs don’t work” with richard when he forgot the order of the song.

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the next three pictures i really don’t have a solid reaction to, just thought they should be shared.

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and just because you’ve all been wondering, this is what brett’s been up to:

and, last of all, here’s an obsurdly large picture of me…
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for no reason at all.


January 14, 2006

the day of vaccuming. dusting. washing clothes; throwing dirty t-shirts at cole.

benjamin bryce and myself will be watching football for the majority of the day, i think mateo will be there too, but, with that guy you never can tell. offically, i think he’ll be there pending some girlfriend emergency.

i would go for a run today [i’ve been much healthier as of late] but ben and i found this place on the upper part of cantrell that serves fat tire beer by the pitcher…needless to say, we enjoyed this excessively.

-kirk, i’ve got news. call me.

-anybody, call and give predictions on today’s games. [that is, if you happen to have mine or ben’s number…if not, post in comments.]

usually, i’m not one for cliche` song lyrics as (a la j go) blog titles, but i just got in a coma and that song is really sticking out. even more cliche` is that i actually am in the comfort of my living room and am thinking of leaving very soon.

there’s a mutemath [check out songs progress and control] concert on 2006jan19 in dallas, and even though i spent too much on Christmas and just the season in general, i very much want to go and am very seriously thinking of going and sleeping in my jeep to save money. plus, i’m thinking this will be a nice ramp-up to the coldplayer show dallas is hosting on 2006feb26, my 26th birthday.

here’s a big cheers to brett for coming home for a while and making the dank, disgusting place we a little brighter. mccscormacks, ny we shall. [rule #72: no excuses, play like a champion.]

kirk, i’ll see you late feb-march-ish. whenev. i understand. work shit out: it’s all good. BTW [by-the-way] i’m all out of leine’s…i had a taste for it that just couldn’t be satisfied, so i killed the final three just to watch them die. i saved one for display purposes, but i must tell you, at this rate, it will not last long.

also, there has been no word from fashion island. [after all my hard work.]


January 5, 2006

this is an audio post - click to play


January 5, 2006

this is an audio post - click to play

here’s to…

January 3, 2006

the bloglander of the week:


she sent me a couple of Christmas presents and i am throughly enjoying them…

although, i’m probably enjoying one more than the other [the book is still proudly displayed on my coffee table], the “our lady peace” is rocked on a daily basis.

much love T.

here’s the most disgusting thing i’ve seen all day.

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this brings shame to all chuck’s everywhere.
speaking of chuck’s, where are you?