June 7, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us wow, this show is tearing me up.  i just almost can't watch it.  i've watched the same episode twice, and even now, the day after, i still just get really emotional about it…

last night, i watched a Marine with a bullet in chest bleed until he passed.  the guy was 21 yrs old. 

that just makes my head break.  that guy died for nothing. 

it's been a few years now since i've been seen anything like that, and…and… i guess i'm a little guilty of forgetting what all that shit's like.

so, i would be all preachy about American Idol fans and rappers and how nobody gives a shit, and that our lives more wrapped around celebrity pregnacies and whatever else the T.V. dictates…

but fuck it.

i'm just as guilty.


this story really pisses me off.


talk about the mother of all snap judgements, have these Marines had their day in court?


work's been shit lately, RE: my not posting as much. i don't do politics–not at work. makes everything less effective and disgustingly redundant.


the following are actual statments i've heard today walking the halls:

  • "i shit so hard, i think it must have formed a vacuum, 'cause as soon as it cleared the breech, my ears popped."
  • "man, i pulled and pulled and pulled, but no matter what, his ass was still in front of me" edit: this was actually from the ciavarro email i received.
  • "yeah, i think that'd be a great idea–what could go wrong?"–[where i work, hearing this is never comforting]
  • "well, if the damn democrats would get off our backs, them and the fucking liberal cock-sucking media, we could win this thing [Iraq]."