my wii muscles hurt.

April 27, 2007

also, i didn’t make the L.A. trip this year.  sucks.

17 Responses to “my wii muscles hurt.”

  1. Mike said

    Wii muscles??

    Oh no, we’ve lost another one.

  2. Apocrypha said

    Lawrence…sheesh! When Brandon talks about his “wii muscle” he is not talking about masturbation like you are.

  3. Sunshine said

    It’s 10pm and I can just now speak in paragraphs.

  4. Claire said

    Your little bro is returned to you safely. The reason I am telling you this via comments and not on the phone is because I have lost my voice, most likely from the gigantic festival of Rock that was Blogchella.

  5. sabrina_c said

    you probably should have come to LA.

  6. Leafs Fan said

    Most current console I own is an N64. Too busy catching up on PC games..

  7. Krista said

    Best game for the wii: Warrior Ware
    Worst: Bust a move

  8. missapril said

    i haven’t played the wii..

    i’m not very athletic

  9. missapril said

    where’d it go?

    ok again. I have yet to play “wii” ~ I am not very athletic.

  10. Pitt said

    have you seen this? it ain’t me….but bares resemblance to an incident that occurred to me at that address site…

    too many coincidences for my comfort.

  11. brandon said


    nolan is up to his usual shit.

    i warned him.

  12. Grace said

    Dude, you can’t leave that type of message and have no follow-up. Details! More information!

  13. missapril said


  14. this is the most self-indulgint dribble i have ever read

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