photo credit by rick christopher gunther (RCG).

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i intend on having this photo the rest of my life.

after recent discussions with my friend jessi Image Hosted by ImageShack.us i’ve decided that the above is true.  which, categorically speaking, i’ve always know this to be true–when i was 14 my mom told me that most women are bitches or whores, and the best ones are both. 

 chalk that up as one of the causes for everything that’s wrong with me.

there are no events precluding me to this assertion, but rather i’m just reflecting on previous email discussion.

 this is what i do when i’m drunk.

chad, he commits weird sex acts with tony pierce‘s socks.

i think too much.

so, chad‘s original and i’m not.

that’s probably why his blog is so popular and mine isn’t.


oh yeah, and, i saw the  ex’s parents and kid brother tonight and remembered how much i miss them and love them.  this past year has literally been like i’ve been absent of my family.  cause that’s what i considered them.  that might be why i’m drunk right now.

and that, will probably be the most personal thing i ever post.  [and yes, that was said for your benefit.  GMO.]


dude; incubus‘ new song ‘dig’ is so fucking on it i can’t talk about it.  i’ve heard it 37 times in a row now.  can’t get enough.


chuck palahnuik has a new book coming out in early ’07.  i’m stoked [notice my use of the word “stoked.”]

i have no idea why these are the top search results for my site, but i guess i’ll start giving these people what they want:

so these two should cover the “half-naked+chicks” and “throughly disgusted,”

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and as far as a picture of someone with their eyes glued, my work server won’t let me download any of those, (but the other two are okay?!), but if you’re just dying to see that, you could look here.  in the future, whomever you are–you weird fucking person who wants to see people with their eyes glued shut–you really could just use google images next time.


and just because i forgot to yesterday, here’s a toast to those “absent friends;” “…to absent friends” is now part of my bar toast–which is–“here’s to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness…and the girl i never met,” (cheers, touch glass-bottle-can to the table, drink),  “and here’s to absent friends.” (repeat). 

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and doesn’t this, at first glance, look like it reads “porn critters?”


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