somebody i used to know…

January 12, 2007

is having major surgery tomorrow. 

if you’re the praying type say a prayer for her.


in other news, i’m starting to feel better. 

after recent discussions with my friend jessi Image Hosted by i’ve decided that the above is true.  which, categorically speaking, i’ve always know this to be true–when i was 14 my mom told me that most women are bitches or whores, and the best ones are both. 

 chalk that up as one of the causes for everything that’s wrong with me.

there are no events precluding me to this assertion, but rather i’m just reflecting on previous email discussion.

 this is what i do when i’m drunk.

chad, he commits weird sex acts with tony pierce‘s socks.

i think too much.

so, chad‘s original and i’m not.

that’s probably why his blog is so popular and mine isn’t.


oh yeah, and, i saw the  ex’s parents and kid brother tonight and remembered how much i miss them and love them.  this past year has literally been like i’ve been absent of my family.  cause that’s what i considered them.  that might be why i’m drunk right now.

and that, will probably be the most personal thing i ever post.  [and yes, that was said for your benefit.  GMO.]


dude; incubus‘ new song ‘dig’ is so fucking on it i can’t talk about it.  i’ve heard it 37 times in a row now.  can’t get enough.


chuck palahnuik has a new book coming out in early ’07.  i’m stoked [notice my use of the word “stoked.”]

okay, so i lied.

December 22, 2006

there is new november_fahrenheit material.

and believe-you-me–there’s plenty wrong with it–it’s allergy season and my mediocore voice just isn’t strong right now.  that’s the obvious part.

as i led on yesterday, it’s harder to fake song lyrics that fiction.  and with this work-in-progress, the entire is thing is based off a single moment, literally a question and a response… so, i’ve got that part written.  but i don’t know how i’m going to finish it yet; not sure where i’m going with it.  hopefully it’ll pop in my head sometime next week.



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sincerely, sincerely…

December 21, 2006

thank *you* for asking, but i don’t think any original november_fahrenheit stuff will be coming out for a while.  i have some melodies working, but don’t have anything to write about musically–the difference between writing musically and writing fiction is insanely hard to describe, except to say that while musically things aren’t typically as sophisticated, they’re pure-er–any embellishment on the lyric side seems to be impossibly transparent, whereas the fiction is basically my own stories mixed with the most random thoughts ever, only told in under the coolest circumstances ever, (there’s more room in a story for fake or “shiny” things than in a song; and that’s either profound or reaching…).

my jeep payment’s gonna be a little late this month–you see–crown and cokes were $7 and cigars were $35 at the country club where chuck got married. and somewhere inbetween all the Hall and Oates songs and the wedding polka, my check card ended up at the cash bar, proabably because i got tired of the budlight and house merlot. 

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thanks for understanding,


the end.

p.s. buried in school work for the moment, will resume posting when things settle.

p.p.s. i really need to know… is it time to kill yourself when you keep getting myspace messages like this:

Date: Nov 29 2006 7:54 AM Flag spam/abuse [ ? ]
Subject: No Subject
Body: Hey Brandon! you seem pretty cool. I am moving to your area in a few weeks and am looking for some friends. Let me know if you are interested!

from chicks like this:

Image Hosted by

(which one? does it fucking matter?!)

i’m very much trying to avoid beginning a paper that was due earlier today.  so much in fact, that i skipped the class and stayed home and watched network television.  i’m trying (and with a lot of success) to occupy my time enough to where i can say “well now, i just don’t have time.”


rick and paul called, wanted to know where they were pouring the coldest beer in town.  invented by chuck pruce, this is the standard way we ask, “you wanna go get a beer?”  

ce soir l’exemple: 

rick:  “dude.”

el penningtino:  “hey.”

rick:  “i heard somewhere–right now–they’re pouring the coldest beer in town.”

el penningtino:  “oh yeah–where’s that?”

rick:  “can’t call it; prolly the flying saucer tho…”

el:   “indeed.  what time we hittin’ the door?”

rick:  “up to you.”

el:  “alright, i’ll ask around but i’m pretty sure we’re atleast 15 minutes late.”


admist all this, i somehow thought to check my voicemail.  i had 27 new messages.  from these i gathered:

-kevin scott canterbury hates pennsylvannia.  “and their fucking turnpike.”

sabrina_c really is the drunk i thought she was.  her message was something about whiskey, jaeger, and running through the streets of agora hills half naked.  oh yeah and she’d like me to call her at 8:00a.m. central standard everyday. 

-that chick from french class really can’t get a clue.

-my mom is still crazy.  [some constants are comforting.]

-people i work with would love for me to call them back.



here’s a link to my friend paul’s band’s website: 

if you’re a myspacer, give’em the add… tell ’em you heard of him here.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

yeah, it has been a while.

October 11, 2006

nothing new to report, just consumed as usual.  i literally study all of the time i’m not at work or school.  BUT, i have been drinking lots of wine while studying, so don’t worry about me too much.  i am, however, extremely jealous of simo though… how great would Spain be right now?

– after a brief read of blogland-

 chad’s trying to act like it’s unusual for call girls to show up at his door.  whatever “ken”.

i prefer susan as a blonde, and i’m not the least bit surprized that she loves the latest offering from justin timberfake.

grace is all about some hollywood and hockey; some things never change.

pitt: more hockey, and a trip to an apple farm.

emo mike displays more of his left-of-center sense of humor.

Foxxy isn’t showing any cleavage.

grimshaker ironically also has an odd sense of humor.

my kid brother is feeling poetic.

LECK, like ben, is really looking forward to the playstation 3.

sabrina_c drinks more than ciavarro and myself combined.  sweet fuck all, that scares the shit outta me.

smelly made pillows and mourns a truck.

RR has insomnia and sex on the brain.

the outlaw diggs petting zoo’s, apple farms, and celeb’s lives.  i seriously think half of K-fed’s press comes from the outlaw.

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it’s been a really fun night.

my friend chuck [brooksey] and i went to a sushi bar, where i know the bartender, and had some california rolls, dragon rolls, and a rainbow roll… and of course more than a few happy hour beers.

my last day of class starts in a couple of hours, i’ve got a war buddy coming up from Texas, and despite my uncle dying a week ago today, and the special circumstances surrounding my mother’s appearance at the funeral [sorry, that one remains in house],

life is pretty all right for the moment.