couldn’t resist.

April 16, 2007

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12 Responses to “couldn’t resist.”

  1. Apocrypha said

    So you’re still around down there, eh?

  2. Mike said

    About time.

    You’re not even gonna share stories about France?!?

  3. M. Leigh said


  4. brandon said

    France post to come. how have you guys been?

  5. Mike said

    got fired. got hired. graduating CC in a month.

    the otherwise boring shit continues.

  6. Apocrypha said

    Finished another year of school…same job…leaving Canada for six weeks.

  7. thanks for showing dude. sorry things were a little rough, even though they weren’t really my fault. i’ll keep josh out of the mike so much next time.

  8. brandon said

    things were great seth; josh was just nervous — log me out when you comment.

  9. foXX said

    i am literally dying of boredom.

  10. yeah I knew he was — sorry about that. i’m not used to others getting on blogs on the mac anymore.

  11. Leafs Fan said

    France…awesome. I’m heading that way soon.

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