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July 4, 2006

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usually, i’m not one for cliche` song lyrics as (a la j go) blog titles, but i just got in a coma and that song is really sticking out. even more cliche` is that i actually am in the comfort of my living room and am thinking of leaving very soon.

there’s a mutemath [check out songs progress and control] concert on 2006jan19 in dallas, and even though i spent too much on Christmas and just the season in general, i very much want to go and am very seriously thinking of going and sleeping in my jeep to save money. plus, i’m thinking this will be a nice ramp-up to the coldplayer show dallas is hosting on 2006feb26, my 26th birthday.

here’s a big cheers to brett for coming home for a while and making the dank, disgusting place we a little brighter. mccscormacks, ny we shall. [rule #72: no excuses, play like a champion.]

kirk, i’ll see you late feb-march-ish. whenev. i understand. work shit out: it’s all good. BTW [by-the-way] i’m all out of leine’s…i had a taste for it that just couldn’t be satisfied, so i killed the final three just to watch them die. i saved one for display purposes, but i must tell you, at this rate, it will not last long.

also, there has been no word from fashion island. [after all my hard work.]

from the lou…

December 10, 2005

yep, helping the allbright move his stuff from st. louis to little rock this weekend. thus far, the driving hasn’t been bad, i’m just not looking forward to the drive back with a full load of ben’s crap. oh well, call it the joys of being ben’s only friend with a job and reliable transportation.

but, we’re staying with his mother (as we always do) and right now, she’s remodeling her bathroom, which contains the house’s one and only shower. thankfully, grandma lives down the road. so, come shower time, i hop in my jeep run down to grandma’s.

guess what grandma has in her shower?…

an illustrated guide to the self breast exam.

that’s right, posted right behind the shampoo, on the rack hanging from the shower nozzle, there’s a little pamphlet style cartoon lady feeling up both breasts, making small little circles around her nipples, lifting each breast for weight, checking for lumps…

it’s amazing to me how none of this was even the slightest bit sexual. it just couldn’t be; there were way too many constant reminders that i was in ben’s grandma’s shower… V05 silver, extra body, all the strange lufas, the weird shower mat, the 18 different curtains you had to pass through just to get in the shower; the odd feeling that potpouri was always in a 5 foot proximity…

as a matter of fact, i think i have to sum the whole thing up as a bad experience. i really can’t tell though, it just certainly wasn’t positive…

i guess the thing the i just dont’ want to talk about is, the inevitable mental picture of his grandma, standing right where i was, performing her own self breast exam. you really just couldn’t look at the picture without it eventually turning into his grandma…

now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go throw myself off a bridge.

on the upside, mike and chad now have masterbatory fodder for the next year.

and chuck no…whatever it is your thinking, the answer is no.