for those of you who’ve met me in person, this should speak volumes.

January 30, 2007


photo credit by rick christopher gunther (RCG).

Image Hosted by

i intend on having this photo the rest of my life.

24 Responses to “for those of you who’ve met me in person, this should speak volumes.”

  1. Apocrypha said

    And what is the success rate of the finger tapping method?

  2. bridgetmarie said

    Holy crap, that’s hilarious!(and sooooo true!)

  3. jessi said

    soooo funny!

  4. Mike said


    you’ll need to learn how to properly talk with your hands from me.

    not goin to coachella with your bro are you?

  5. that is so true. that’s great.

    oh by the way brandon, I’m going to coachella.

    but you’re going to france…

  6. it’s funny how we just spent 4 hours together and you didn’t mention that.

  7. foXX said

    youre going to france?

  8. yep. but i already told you that.

  9. apoc… i’ve never lost.

  10. RCG said

    Photography is now justified.

  11. Ciavarro said

    You need to work out more fatty.

  12. ha… don’t i know it C.I.A.

    RCG – it’ll get better.

  13. did you know that Kelly Jones is releasing a solo album? It’s awesome.

  14. foXX said

    right. and i replied, but you didnt get that.

    i didnt take any of it seriously!

  15. Claire said

    Get a shave, you hairy hippy!!!!
    Also, you need to get your arse to Blogchella, for your brother’s sake if not your own.

  16. Sunshine said

    I’m still waiting for my band t-shirt…

  17. i actually am not quite finished with the cafe press store…

    the designs have been made though.

  18. Leafs Fan said

    Can I have a free shirt?

    And finger tapping…no contest there.

  19. Raging Bull said

    Seen the finger tap way too many times haha. Well Brandon, I’ve arrived…wheres the beer.

  20. sweet… it will be given to you upon the next meeting.

  21. missapril said

    the beard is new?

  22. april said

    Can someone please tell me how to make my page unprivate again? i told you i’m no good at this blogging stuff brandon.

  23. missapril said

    thank you brandon

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