will be attending blockstock L.A. — i just received his VIP RSVP from sac-town aka southern oregon.  he will joining the ballbright and myself on the 11th, pending i'm not hung up somewhere in tempe, AZ. 

somewhere, someone should put an offical roster up of all expected persons who've confirmed their attendance. 

Starting from: 1 Little Rock, AR Save Address
Arriving at: 2 Los Angeles, CA Save Address
Distance: 1666.3 miles Approximate Travel Time: 22 hours 35 mins

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[shouldn't be that bad of a drive]


an eyeful indeed… 

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usthis [from the vincent] is why i guess i'm so healthy.


everybody should make an effort to read the LECKblog this week — the guy's been taking some great photo's lately. 



i went to the tanning bed. first off, i know this to be completely UN-manly. it's just that with all the motorcycle riding, my arms and face were disproportionately tan compared to the rest of my body… so, i went just to even things out.

i guess it goes without saying that i burnt the shit outta myself.

my ass [not pictured], was burned to point of me not being able to sit down. today, it just iches like crazy.

so women – the tanning thing – have at it, it's all yours. i no longer want any part of it.

and i'll go ahead and beat you to the punch and apologize for the myspace-like picture, but i'm no photographer, quite unlike this guy who's brilliant.

[model featured is susan natalie]


it looks like the blogstock L.A. party is a go for the weekend of May 12-14,

ben and i will be there. [ edit: photo credit – claire ]


and seriously people, your President is out there acting like he's concerned about gas prices, and his lack of sincerity is really getting on my nerves. [what, his family's oil interests don't play a role in his honesty?]

you all know how i feel about his other issues –

…but gas prices really piss me off. someone needs to invent something cheap and free so we can all give exxon/mobil the finger. [well, i guess we all do have feet; can't get any cheaper than that.]


and from the what-the-fuck category…

what's happening here?… dunno, you'd have to ask this guy.

[sometimes photoshop goes too far]

about last night…

April 21, 2006

as you can read here,

my kid brother, ben, bethany, and i went to the mute math show, which was quite fantastic.


the opener, theworkingtitle was pretty good too. the lead singer was a little emo though… really whiney, and kind of gave the impression his "on stage intensity" was forced.

and emo mike, that picture wasn't supposed to look anything like you. you're name's ironic; i swear, everybody thinks so. really.


different people are all the time asking what life in the south is actually like, which, i think is something i struggle to put to words, 'cause it's all mostly over-the-top unbelieveable shit. but, every once in a while, i'll see a news clip or a picture that says all the things i can't. here's one.

here's another.

][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][

i see this picture, i think of the first time i met ben allbright, back in the 9th grade when he was 4'11" and 90lbs dripping wet. back then, he probably owned this cd, and that's hilarious.

i see this picture, and i think maybe the world's only half crazy.

also, why is this so damn funny?

drop it like it's hoff? .com? that's insanely funny… WHY is that a website? who sits around and does this shit?

who does these chuck norris jokes we've all read? why is it so funny that chuck norris has an active lawsuit against NBC for copywrite infringement for their show "Law and Order", which chuck claims are the offical names of his left and right legs? fuck if i know, but i laugh everytime i hear a new chuck joke.


lastly, here's the most disgusting thing i've seen in about a month – dedicated to ashley.



AND, from the totally effing hot category, this chick

lives in arkansas. apparently, i just don't go to the right places.


post script – blogstock L.A. is looking to be a real event. may 12-14. be there.

you know, i hate to be a broken record, and even more than that i hate to use cliche`s…

but, for everyday i can't find a cloud in the sky, it doesn't rain, and it continues to be 90 degrees with a light wind, i'm going to loathe being inside. i had to move my helmet from the couch in front of my desk to the desk next to the filing cabnet just to keep it from staring at me all day. i literally feel like a 2nd grader stuck inside at recess, staring out the window watching everyone else outside.

and i can't deny that riding has been great therapy; my old roomate, michael mckeown once pointed out that the cause of a particularly bad bout of depression i was going thru was because i wasn't riding anymore – i had just wrecked my bike. after he said it, i realized i was depressed; i wasn't sleeping right, i wasn't getting along with anyone, i was distant [well, i'm always distant]… it made perfect sense.

i haven't spoken much of my breakup with madison, atleast here on my blog, it's affected me more than i let on. breaking up with her was something that was easy to do, but hard to live with. i'd never spent a year with anyone, and i think what kept us going so long was the very fact that neither one of us wanted to throw away all that time.

starting over sucks.

and i'm sure everybody has got a similar story 'cause i'm convinced the world has run out of original events, stories, and tragedies…

but, i think it took getting on the bike and riding that first couple hundred miles to really get beneath my skin and just let myself feel again.

so, for those of you who are asking me "what happened to the Brandon of yore?"

well, i give you these two open-faced disclaimers:

1. i'm an asshole, truly. this isn't a cop-out. my personality is such that i'm just not a generally nice person. really, it's not that i'm trying to be mean, it's just that i don't care enough to be nice – in most cases, i don't realize i'm being cold or distant or whatever x-number of girls have said about me and will say again.

2. for whatever reason – chemical imbalance, sub-conscience want, i'm an extremely moody person. and for no reason at all, i sometimes am easily irritated and bored by everyone and everything around me. this is true of everyone i've ever known, no one excluded. this makes me virtually impossible to deal with on a perminate basis, just ask ben. i've known him since 1996 – there are some weeks that he can't stand me. the worst of it all is, i really don't notice anything is different until i've completely alienated someone to the point of offending them. there are other little indicators i'm find out as i get older as well. for instance, i know that i'm "slipping into one of my moods" because my attention span sucks and suddenly i can't spell anything. i constantly leave words out of sentences too, and i really hate that.

so, if i don't answer the phone or don't return an email in a timely fashion, don't take it to heart. it's during those times in all honesty you probably don't want to talk to me.

*on a side note*

-cantre, what are the odds of you bringing your bike when you visit in june?

-i'm moving.


…it completely ruined my last post, which, by-the-way, was awesome.  it included such claims that white kids today need a "ghetto pass" and need to work on their "blackscent" to be cool.  it contained lindsey lohan's nipple.  it encompassed my general feelings on my trip to korea and the much sought after pictures of chicks leg wrestling in my living room. 

so, if the last post looks terrible, [like a bunch of pictures on top of text], you'll have to view it with firefox or netscape or something.  dunno.


today marks the first day i rode my motorcycle to work; i spent easter sunday afternoon tearing the bike down and making a few adjustments, [a blinker, shit like that], all because we're having damn fantastic weather here.  it's about 85 degrees fahrenheit with a light wind and no humidity – perfect for riding.  and i don't mind telling you …on two wheels, life just feels better. 

edit:  i think i fixed it.

all right, here it is…

the korea post.

i can put it off no longer. ben and i just got done drinking whiskey and watching movies and suddenly drunkeness sways me to give you guys the post, [ funny how “giving you guys the post” sounds like something apoc would do to nymike’s mom.]

i’m sure most of you have already read the stories of how rutledge kissed a whore, and how he escaped from our plans room to break wind only to walk into a room full of colonels, expell all gases and haul ass…

and how looking at girls [forced?] into prostitution is quite possibly the saddest thing you can ever do…

all of that is basically the summation of my korea trip. everything was stupid expensive, everywhere you went was catered to the American dollar, and the assumption that you were there to spend them. the cheapest i ever found a beer was for 5 USD. as most of you know, that’s entirely too much for a budweiser.

i didn’t dabble too much in the local food; pictured here are a few of us ordering purely by pointing at pictures on the menu..

the short answer here about korean food being that you should stay the hell away from “kimchi” (sp?); ciavarro talked about making a dent in the toliet, in comparison to what this stuff did to all of us, that’s a severe understatement. i guess it’s more or less an obivous thing: if you eat rotten cabbage, rotten things will come out of you, which will in turn make your body and everyone else around you very mad at you. all that said, “yaki-man-du” isn’t so bad.

korea is much more western than i expected;

i was in a city of about 3 million people [Daegu/Taegu] and really the whole time [had it not been for the sea of all asian people (absolutely no cultural diversity) ] i felt like i was in New York or some place similar.

i’m beginning to realize that there are certain truths associated with western culture, or some other culture’s best adaptation of it…

-apparently old people just sit around shopping malls across the globe. i’ve been to every extreme of the world now except north and south, and every version of a shopping mall i’ve come across has had it’s own rendition of old people just hanging out. can’t explain it. file that with why toliets flush the opposite direction below the equator.

-smart-assed kids aren’t going out of style anywhere;

[i think it was the dusty guy’s birthday – really couldn’t be sure]

-and for some reason – a reason i’ll never understand,

white people everywhere are expected to try and act “black” to be cool; if you don’t work on your “blackscent” and get your “ghetto pass” you can’t hang out. [no offense to leck’s friends]

all things considered, i had a pretty all right time while i was there.

of course, i was drunk most of the time. soju plays for keeps.

and, just to keep everybody happy, [more specifically] here’s a picture of lindsey lohan’s nipple to keep ashley entertained

and here’s another picture to keep her throughly disgusted:

and finally, just so everyone else has seen it….

leg wrestling. [weird; i never thought that kinda thing happen when you’ve got clothes on]

…and yes, that is my living room.

in the office…

April 10, 2006

for those of you who have a workspace you like to call your own,

[or i guess this could apply to any space you call "yours"],

don't you just love it when you leave for a while and come back,

and somebody has fucked with it? or even better, left it a complete, un-disregardable mess that could be described as "taunting" at best?

i think, just to keep myself entertained, i'm gonna go find the prettiest girl i can, and be as mean as i possibly can to her.

just cause i haven't acted arogant in a while.

well, maybe a few days.

the pictures from my korea trip and the of course the korea post will be forth coming; i seriously have about a 150 photo's to go through, and with that many, it's difficult to determine which story i'd like to tell.

in the meantime, here are a few always interesting reads:

he's here to offend you&&&&&&&&he takes better pictures than both of us&&&&&&&&&&and she's the tragedy of being beautiful and canadian

i'll have a full korea trip post sometime later in the day, maybe the week…