still sick, (for those of you who didn’t know).

January 9, 2007

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hate them.

strep throat in the winter, migranes in the spring and fall. 


but, despite all that, i completely kicked ass in the staff meeting today.  i mean -ROCKED- ass.

i knew my entire presentation from memory, fielding all questions without referring to my notes, (and had an a competent answer for all questions), and –inbetween blowing my nose and coughing– had acurate counterpoints for the usual b.s. 

and yes, i do really have a beard.

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and for over-emphasis, i absolutely feel like rolled up dog shit.

19 Responses to “still sick, (for those of you who didn’t know).”

  1. sunshine said

    Nice shirt. Congrats on rocking out in your fragile state.

  2. i have so many pictures in that shirt. but, there again, i have so many shirts like that.

  3. cristina said

    that’s a pretty said puppy dog face…saying love me…rub me

  4. Apocrypha said

    So is that rolled up into a ball or rolled up with some sort of paper wrapping involved…

  5. radmad said

    so is the YMRA affiliated in any with the YMCA?

  6. God, ‘YMRA’… that took me like ten minutes to get.

    fuckin’ meds.


    that pretty much sums up our annual training…

  7. Mike said

    do you menstruate once a month too?

  8. yes mikey, no one should ever complain when they’re sick. you’re the best.

  9. Leafs Fan said

    Hope you feel better.

    Mikey gives that advise to everyone…until he’s sick then it’s a near death experience.

  10. Mike said

    when have i ever complained about being sick to you fellas??

    the only reason why you know i throw-up is because it’s during totally awesome occasions (blogstock/pitt’s wedding)

  11. did you just call leafs fan a fella?

    complaining on your blog is complaining to us, your dear readers.

  12. Apocrypha said

    Mikey cuts himself to feel…

  13. first emo joke on this blog for 07. rock.

  14. Grace said

    Poor Brandon.

    Want a hug?

  15. jessi said

    aw, hope you are feelin better. i like that picture. its cute in a pathetic kind of way.

  16. ape said

    its cute in a pathetic kind of way, lmao, poor brando.

  17. heather d said

    you are hot when you are all hairy looking, btw.

  18. Angela said

    Shave the beard, and I’m sick, too. Only I’m worse at it and try to justify it.

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