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i actually agree with something this guy has to say:


after my time in Iraq, agreeing with anything this guy had to say seemed like an immpossibility of ridiculous sorts…

BUT, on the surface, the proposition of using National Guard troops to help control the border is actually a good idea.

  • their time on the border will only be for their annual training, so it won't be an extra deployment.
  • this type of work, i.e. dealing with foreign nationals and using non-lethal, non-aggressive manuevers is exactly what American troops need the most/more experience doing.
  • this partially addresses the man power shortage.

now, don't look for me to be a big "Rumy" fan now, or in general support the Republican party, cause i think those guys so vastly and completely fucked the whole Afganistan/Iraq situation, that i'm convinced is now completely beyond repair. As somebody who lived there for a year, i'm not sure those people will be okay in the next fifty years. i'd sooner wager that Hamas elects a Jewish leader before that happens.

thanks for the indulgence, i really hate using my blog as a 3rd rate news source and playing the vet card, [guys like ben and i tend to flaunt their veteran status and confuse it with credibility — neither he or i do, it's just irritating], i just never thought i'd agree with donald r.

also, these guys rock: i'll be seeing them here on june 2nd–ben, take notice.

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-check this out-

May 5, 2006


*****also, i've made an addition to the blogroll, hot chicks with douche bags, pretty funny to say the least.

it’s occuring to me that i know exactly shit about what i’d like…

that is, outside of anything carnal.

i’d take a beautiful, rich, young nymphomaniac with an oral fixation tommorrow.

hell, maybe even this afternoon.

okay, on my desk right now.

i’d even take her home, wouldn’t give her the wrong phone number, etc…

just a thought.

now to visit another thought…

or maybe just an observation [same thing?]

i seem to be visiting the past a lot lately. it’s probably not healthy.

this picture really amuses me. thought i’d share. funny thing is though, he’s a lot closer to them now. last i heard, he’s looking into setting up a theme park in bahrain.

iraq. God…will those people ever be any better off? they know a suffering that most have never seen–the little guy holding the sign is most likely some older guy’s sex object…as in, my above description has the same status as he does among arab men.

in such a “religious” place, you’d assume that wasn’t as commonplace as it is, but hey, straight from the horse’s mouth “it doesn’t make them gay, it only makes the kid gay”.

the kid holding the sweaty wad of cash amounting to about 25 cents USD.

sorry, i didn’t mean to “get all serious” on you, but anytime i see iraqi kids, i can’t help but think how the pattern of abuse won’t stop with them.

they’ll grow up and seduce little boys with money too.

i hate to charade pictures in lieu of an actual post, but lately it’s only when i see these pictures that i am reminded to blog.

call it my way of saving the world from yet another email forward.

i think the whole world should see these; to me, it’s one of the greatest examples of islam being opposed to democracy.

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if this is offensive, then i think that’s all the better. Christianity is openly mocked on basic cable [South Park is an excellent example] and there’s no violent rage across the world. some newspaper in Denmark or where ever prints some political cartoons and murder and rampage is justified. and, to add insult to injury, the President can do nothing but apologize to the Arab world for something his country had no part of, and scold Europe for exercising free speech–ironic when you think about why the United States was founded and why most people originally migrated here.

so, here’s my big question: is George W. Bush serious about bring democracy to the Arabs? if so, how is apologizing for free speech helping him do that?

and once again, a picture of moi.

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and a picture of my new girlfriend [and ciavarro’s sister]

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and i still want one of these…
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guy who actually thought the seahawks were gonna win {}undiscovered modeling talent who was recently asked what she was wearing and if she’d stand by a window {} funniest thing you’re going to read all day