after recent discussions with my friend jessi Image Hosted by i’ve decided that the above is true.  which, categorically speaking, i’ve always know this to be true–when i was 14 my mom told me that most women are bitches or whores, and the best ones are both. 

 chalk that up as one of the causes for everything that’s wrong with me.

there are no events precluding me to this assertion, but rather i’m just reflecting on previous email discussion.

 this is what i do when i’m drunk.

chad, he commits weird sex acts with tony pierce‘s socks.

i think too much.

so, chad‘s original and i’m not.

that’s probably why his blog is so popular and mine isn’t.


oh yeah, and, i saw the  ex’s parents and kid brother tonight and remembered how much i miss them and love them.  this past year has literally been like i’ve been absent of my family.  cause that’s what i considered them.  that might be why i’m drunk right now.

and that, will probably be the most personal thing i ever post.  [and yes, that was said for your benefit.  GMO.]


dude; incubus‘ new song ‘dig’ is so fucking on it i can’t talk about it.  i’ve heard it 37 times in a row now.  can’t get enough.


chuck palahnuik has a new book coming out in early ’07.  i’m stoked [notice my use of the word “stoked.”]

i have no idea why these are the top search results for my site, but i guess i’ll start giving these people what they want:

so these two should cover the “half-naked+chicks” and “throughly disgusted,”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

and as far as a picture of someone with their eyes glued, my work server won’t let me download any of those, (but the other two are okay?!), but if you’re just dying to see that, you could look here.  in the future, whomever you are–you weird fucking person who wants to see people with their eyes glued shut–you really could just use google images next time.


and just because i forgot to yesterday, here’s a toast to those “absent friends;” “…to absent friends” is now part of my bar toast–which is–“here’s to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness…and the girl i never met,” (cheers, touch glass-bottle-can to the table, drink),  “and here’s to absent friends.” (repeat). 

Image Hosted by


and doesn’t this, at first glance, look like it reads “porn critters?”


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“…to absent friends.”

December 26, 2006

here’s to all my friends who had to work yesterday.

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and for Christmas this year, i got a half-way decent grades… 

ENGL 3330 02 Approaches To Lit Main — B
FREN 1311 01 Elementary French 1 Main — B
FREN 1312 01 Elementary French 2 Main — B
POLS 3310 01 Policy Process Main — A


you will not find a Guild Wars trial key here, but you will find racy pictures of Miss Nevada here

why these searches are leading people here, i’ll never know.

okay, so i lied.

December 22, 2006

there is new november_fahrenheit material.

and believe-you-me–there’s plenty wrong with it–it’s allergy season and my mediocore voice just isn’t strong right now.  that’s the obvious part.

as i led on yesterday, it’s harder to fake song lyrics that fiction.  and with this work-in-progress, the entire is thing is based off a single moment, literally a question and a response… so, i’ve got that part written.  but i don’t know how i’m going to finish it yet; not sure where i’m going with it.  hopefully it’ll pop in my head sometime next week.



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sincerely, sincerely…

December 21, 2006

thank *you* for asking, but i don’t think any original november_fahrenheit stuff will be coming out for a while.  i have some melodies working, but don’t have anything to write about musically–the difference between writing musically and writing fiction is insanely hard to describe, except to say that while musically things aren’t typically as sophisticated, they’re pure-er–any embellishment on the lyric side seems to be impossibly transparent, whereas the fiction is basically my own stories mixed with the most random thoughts ever, only told in under the coolest circumstances ever, (there’s more room in a story for fake or “shiny” things than in a song; and that’s either profound or reaching…).

rock so much it hurts.

December 19, 2006

because of MINGER ‘s recent post containing a reference to led zep and rage as most excellent ways to rock-out, and then my buddy R.C.G. [ rick ] letting me get really drunk in his lexus while listening to everything from ‘Led Zep II’ to ‘Physical Graffiti’, i decided — while CIAVARROED — to form a led zep tribute band called the ROCK-OUTS.  this band will consist of myself on guitar and vocals, R.C.G. on vocals, and B.Allbright doing something he calls ‘aesthetic dancing’… [i think he’s just in for another excuse to wear extra small faded t-shirts.]  this band will perform exclusively at apartments pouring the coldest beer in town or enough whiskey shots to make B.O.B. (black-out-bob) cringe — [i prefer wild turkey, but i realize that’s not a consensus.]  on the rarest of occasions, the band will feature such guest vocalists as vincent ‘shames’ giannola and chuck pruce. if you want a ‘ the ROCK-OUTS ‘ t-shirt, email me your addy and if i get enough requests, i’ll actually get them–bulk discount.  if you don’t want one, that’s just nature’s way of telling you that you’re not cool enough to have one anyway.


twice in the last couple of days, someone has made a reference to ‘getting amped on adarol or coke or meth or whatever and then packing a bowl’ when i mention needing to write or study.  most recently, it was EMO MIKE in an email last night while i was suffering from insomnia.  i was actually so pissed about that i guess i didn’t see the humor in it.  i do now.

here’s to mikey’s randomness.


i’ve so got a crush on a complete stranger. 

she sings and plays piano at a downtown bar and it’s really awkward for me ’cause:

  1. i haven’t actually been interested in anyone in a longtime.  it’s completely opposite of everything i’m used to; usually it’s someone likes me and depending on how bored i am, i might feign interest back.

  2. this chick is probably outta my league.

  3. and according to PENNINGTON’S LAW, because i’m interested in her, she won’t be interested in me–the LAW clearly states that “there shall not be any mutal or implied interest shared with any young attractive that Brandon Pennington, et al expresses or inferrs an interest in, whether in passing or directly, and furthermore the only attentions or interests shown to Brandon Pennington will be those of little or no interest to him, or those living an unsurmountable distance, as to dessuade any happiness that might effect Brandon’s writing career.”



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you know, if you’re the type that likes to get amped on adarol or coke or meth or whatever, then pack a bowl and get baked, and then instead of studying for your group french project, tweak out in floor of your livingroom with a train schedule of Paris…

don’t get in my group.

and then, in class, right before it’s our turn to give our presentation, as you realize i’m pissed… don’ t apologize for being “cracked out” the night before, adding that you’re “cracked out” right now, and don’t look surprized when i say “i know,” because it’s obivious: you still have the same clothes on as last night–the very same ones you had on at class yesterday. 

you know i that know that you didn’t sleep last night, and that all you’re thinking about is where you’re gonna be when you come down.

not grades,

not that it’s all gonna catch up with you,

not that it’s inconsiderate to do all that shit around people who’s families have been destroyed by users and using.


is ciavarro indian?


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edit: i saw my ex-ex Dana at school last night and very coincidentally again today at lunch… really can’t deal with that so well, so i’m heading to the nearest “happy hour,” (knew there was a good reason they called it that), and to the closest bottle of southern comfort.


my jeep payment’s gonna be a little late this month–you see–crown and cokes were $7 and cigars were $35 at the country club where chuck got married. and somewhere inbetween all the Hall and Oates songs and the wedding polka, my check card ended up at the cash bar, proabably because i got tired of the budlight and house merlot. 

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thanks for understanding,


the end.

p.s. buried in school work for the moment, will resume posting when things settle.

p.p.s. i really need to know… is it time to kill yourself when you keep getting myspace messages like this:

Date: Nov 29 2006 7:54 AM Flag spam/abuse [ ? ]
Subject: No Subject
Body: Hey Brandon! you seem pretty cool. I am moving to your area in a few weeks and am looking for some friends. Let me know if you are interested!

from chicks like this:

Image Hosted by

(which one? does it fucking matter?!)

sweet F.A.

November 24, 2006

here’s a tribute to the brits, alex and crash: “here’s to absent friends.”

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