a picture and a poem.

January 23, 2007

things are pretty plain right now, and i’ve really got nothing to post about….

so here’s a pic from new years eve and poem from my form and theory class.


‘my mother’s funeral’

The rabbi doesn’t say she was sly and peevish,  
fragile and voracious, disheveled, voiceless and useless,
at the end of her very long rope. He never sat beside her
like a statue while radio voices called to her from God.
He doesn’t say how she mamboed with her broom,
staggered, swayed, and sighed afternoons,
till we came home from school to feed her. She never frightened him,
or bent to kiss him, sponged him with a fever, never held his hand,
bone-white, bolted doors, and shut the blinds. She never sent
roaches in a letter, he never saw her fall down stairs, dead sober.
He never watched her sweep and murmur, he never saw
spiderwebs she read as signs her life was over, long before
her frightened husband left, long before
they dropped her in a box, before her children turned
shyly from each other, since they never learned to pray.
If I must think of her, if I can spare her moment on the earth,
I’ll say she was one of God’s small sculptures,
polished to a glaze, one the wind blew off a shelf.

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18 Responses to “a picture and a poem.”

  1. i think the last two lines make the poem. and that is a cigarette behind my ear.

    how cool.

  2. April said

    I think this might be my favorite picture of you..sans cig. Very cute:)

  3. Apocrypha said

    Out of politeness, Brandon…I think I will not say what I think it looks like you’re doing there…and the smile doesn’t help….

  4. I like the humor.

    I haven’t tried what you told me the other day. Hopefully soon though.

  5. apoc, you keep your wishful thinking outta my photo’s…

    hc – this weekend is a go.

    ape – sometimes, when i’m drinking, i smoke like an arab.

  6. Man did i see that one coming; i almost included a nice intro for shaz and ciavarro.

    hc – call me; might have slightly different details to arrange.

  7. and BTW, that is not my poem. just for clarity. we coverd in class; i can’t remember who wrote it.

  8. Sunshine said

    I’d rather read something you’re working on-but- that is a good poem.

  9. foXX said

    i didnt know you smoked.

  10. Leafs Fan said

    I like the poem. Kinda reminds me “why” I need to go back to school…

  11. radmad said

    is that a karaoke party i was not invited to?

  12. well, in comparison to your karaoke parties… this was more low brow… i did, however, half-way post it with you in mind.

    i liked it too, leafs.

  13. heather said

    so, like, are you fucking coming to coachella?!?!?

  14. Apocryphs said

    I’ll stop having fantasies if you stop posting those sexay pics 😉

    har de har har!

  15. missapril said

    you are slow brando..

  16. RCG said

    If I didn’t know any better, you might have just come up from going down on your little friend there in the black shirt…thankfully the pic was taken just too late…

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