well, i finally found her.

January 17, 2007

the future ex mrs. pennington

ladies and gentlemen (and ciavarro),

i introduce to you jennie saunderspennington.

she’s british and beautiful, her voice is powerful and dynamic, and i’m totally enamoured.

check out her song ‘my love.’

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20 Responses to “well, i finally found her.”

  1. Leafs Fan said

    Cool, when’s the wedding?

  2. Apocrypha said

    When she’s your ex, can I have a go at her?

  3. well, i’ll still be drunkenly pursueing her (she’d of course leave me) … but, all’s fair…

  4. Mike said

    ahem, looks like you left out that manlaw. minimum waiting time is 6 months…

    unless you dump her, then it’s fair game.

  5. is “dumping” a clause?

    i would think that a 6 mon buffer zone would apply then too.

    and apoc didn’t specify when.

  6. sunshine said

    If you two get married in Vegas I’ll drive out and give you away. Plus I heard that town is good for sugar daddies and I’m in the market.

  7. foXX said

    i’m prettier.

    plus, i wouldnt let the wedding happen.

    or ill just hang out with sunshine and her sugar daddies.

  8. april said

    she’s an uglier version of lindsay lohan. and she needs a tan. but, the same could be said for me.

  9. you two are HATERS. but, i love it and feel loved by it.

  10. jessi said

    I thought i was the next future ex?! 😉

  11. sarah said

    OMG brandon… she’s sooooo not as hot as me!

  12. sunshine said

    Wow Brandon the line to become your ex is getting kinda long. Vegas may be necessary instead of just fun. P.S. I heard british women suck in bed.

  13. sunshine said

    And by British I mean England.

  14. missapril said

    i think what we are trying to say is, you can do better. and you have, just look at me:) lol

  15. sethamus said

    hey, just to let you know …

    sister hazel is @ village this fri.

    rememember them? they sing that one song.

    $15 I think. double check if you want.

    call later.

  16. fuckin’ right you would.

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